Happy New Year

And what better way to kick off 2010 than with a brand new blog?

I don’t have any particular ideas for this blog other than I’d like to get back into writing. I don’t know where this will take me, but hopefully it will take me somewhere, eh?

Today is also my firstborn child’s fourteenth birthday. He is several inches taller than me and he sings bass in the 8th grade choir. He likes to play the part of the moody adolescent but he goes all to pieces over the cuteness of our new kitten, and on his facebook profile page he included the fact that he finds it “inexplicably difficult” to disagree with his mom. I find it difficult to disagree with him, too, and that is because our brains work exactly the same way. And it is spooky! We interrupt each other all the time because we already know what the other is thinking. This means we push each others’ buttons to an extraordinary degree, but it is also strangely comforting. There is no mystery about him. My daughter, who likes to keep things to herself, I worry about. But not this guy.

About Daxie

I walk the dog, volunteer on the PTO, read obsessively, work freelance, and try to make sense of this crazy world.
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