What’s stewing

Some odds and ends…

Blog design

Not using Typekit any more. May come back to it. Could not get past the issues I described earlier. On a related note, have you checked out the new theme, monochrome? It is gorgeous. Comes with cool theme options, too. I am trying hard to resist the temptation to switch. I did try it out on my old blog. I do think it’s a bit chilly looking, though. Certainly not as warm and friendly as Cutline anyway, and it doesn’t have the customizable header. Still, it’s very well done.

For all you caveman wannabees

Ok, this is goofy, but I must confess I’m sorta tempted. I came across this website that sells things like a Basic Flintknapping Kit (“The essential tools and enough stone to get started”), a Great Plains Indian Style Arrow Kit (“A beginners course in arrow-making”) and a Deluxe Flint and Steel Firemaking Kit (“Flint and Steel Firemaking Kit with large striker, tin and supplies”). I wonder who their target audience is. Off-the-grid survivalists? Anthropologists? Fans of *ahem* Clan of the Cave Bear?

Reading history

Wow, Howard Zinn died this week. I love that guy! I posted something about him on my facebook, and discovered that one of my cousins has, um, very different political views from mine. Who knew? However, we have begun an interesting (and respectful) discussion about The People’s History of the United States which he is currently reading, and which I read half of, years ago, and as of last evening, am re-reading. I give my cuz a TON of credit for reading the book and wanting to understand a viewpoint so antithetical to his own. Funny, too. I am the oldest cousin on that side of the family and even though he is (finally) married, gainfully employed, and expecting his first child, I still think of him as one of the little kids. Never thought we’d be debating history and politics. Very cool.

On hold

I just paid off my fines ($24) and now I can use the library again! I put holds on two books: The Fifth Servant, a mystery set in sixteenth century Prague, which is one of my favorite settings for historical fiction; and Can You Forgive Her because I’ve been meaning to try Anthony Trollope for years.

About Daxie

I walk the dog, volunteer on the PTO, read obsessively, work freelance, and try to make sense of this crazy world.
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