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Geekmom strikes again

Artist Boy has been trying to get his friends interested in Dungeons & Dragons for quite a while — years, actually — but he has never really succeeded. That is, they are happy to play, but the gaming is never … Continue reading

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A good morning!

I don’t know a better way to start the day — any day, but especially a holiday — than with the Bach Motets. Before I go any further with this post I should give you a couple of caveats. I … Continue reading

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I discovered these two items stacked on top of each other, as shown, in the bathroom the other day. Tee hee! Architectural Digest Architectural Digest comes to our house every month. We never ordered it; we never paid for it. … Continue reading

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Has it been this long?

Wow, has it really been half a year since I last checked in here? How time does fly. Funny how the urge to blog comes in cycles… Well the first thing I had to do was make a couple of … Continue reading

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