Has it been this long?

Wow, has it really been half a year since I last checked in here? How time does fly. Funny how the urge to blog comes in cycles…

Well the first thing I had to do was make a couple of updates on the About page. Bouncy Boy turned 7. And the old decrepit dog is no more (kind of a relief, I must confess). In her place we have a new kitten who is the cutest, sweetest thing EVER. All white, with one blue eye and one brown eye, yes, and you can get her to purr just by walking into a room.

This year I have three kids in three different schools, oh joy. Artist Boy started high school, Bookworm Girl started middle school, and of course BB is still in elementary. Artist Boy is thriving, as I expected. I never actually see him doing his homework — certainly I never tell him to do it or even ask him if he has any — but apparently he is doing it because he is getting all A’s. He is also on the debate team, which he loves but which I am finding (at best) a mixed blessing. This kid does not need any more encouragement in the arguing department!

Bookworm Girl is having a little harder time adjusting to middle school. The homework load is high, especially math. She needs a lot of help just to stay focused while she’s doing it. If she had her druthers I’d be sitting next to her while she worked, and after every step of every problem she’d ask me whether she had gotten it right. Ugh! It’s funny, but that is basically what I do during her violin practice, and I love doing it. We are the smoothest parent-child Suzuki team this side of the Mississippi. But when it comes to schoolwork something in me rebels. I just don’t care about it. I have spent far more time telling her it’s okay to get bad grades than I have in helping her get good ones. Whereas the violin, I truly believe, is a matter of life or death importance. Am I totally crazy???

Bouncy Boy is having a great year so far. His second grade teacher is amazing. He is doing very well academically and socially — a far cry from where we were at this time last year. He knows the name of every kid in the school and has friendly bantering relationships with many of them, especially the fourth- and fifth-grade girls. :-) He is still hyper and impulsive but he has calmed down a lot since last year. I can usually talk him out of a temper tantrum and coax him into doing the things he doesn’t want to do. I don’t know if this is just the difference in maturity levels between age six and age seven, or if the things we’ve been working on are finally starting to sink in, or what. Of course we still have plenty of ups and downs but overall, wow.


About Daxie

I walk the dog, volunteer on the PTO, read obsessively, work freelance, and try to make sense of this crazy world.
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2 Responses to Has it been this long?

  1. Kelly says:

    Well, my goodness! Welcome back. Been wondering where you were. ;)


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