bur·goo \ber-gü\ n. 1 a : a stew or thick soup of meat and vegetables orig. served at outdoor gatherings (as a political rally or barbecue) b: a picnic at which burgoo is served

That’s a nice metaphor for a blog, don’t you think, because it covers not just the stew, but also the party. :-)

— — —

Burgoo is kind of like chili: there are a zillion ways to make it, and everyone thinks their own recipe is the best. These are the main ingredients in mine:

  • Daxie: That is me. Wife, mother, sister, daughter. Freelancer, musician, reader, writer, geek. I am an INTJ and a Capricorn, and I was born in the Year of the Horse.
  • Hubs: My dearest friend. Funny as hell, handy around the house, a little scatterbrained. Teaches social studies in the same high school we both attended. We got married on the Fourth of July. Awwwwww!
  • Artist Boy: Age 14. He has a creative flame in him the size of a bonfire. He is always making something and his brain is always on overdrive. Wise beyond his years at times, distressingly age-appropriate at others.
  • Bookworm Girl: Age 11. Soft-spoken, shy, and a bit scatterbrained like her dad. She plays the violin and reads, on average, two? three? seventeen? books per day. And bless her heart, she still plays with toys.
  • Bouncy Boy: Age 6 7. I previously had a blog just for him. An amazing kid who may be wired a little different. Some things in life are harder for him than they should be, but nothing is impossible.

Our household also includes a decrepit old dog and two three fabulous cats. We live in a quiet little neighborhood in a college town in the American midwest with our extended family all around us.

I don’t deserve this. Truly I don’t.