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What’s stewing

Some odds and ends… Blog design Not using Typekit any more. May come back to it. Could not get past the issues I described earlier. On a related note, have you checked out the new theme, monochrome? It is gorgeous. … Continue reading

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Man, I wish I’d thought of this myself

I mean, the documentary was pretty awesome, but cookie cutters? Sheer genius! The designer is Beverly Hsu.

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Experimenting with Typekit

Anyone else out there experimenting with Typekit? If you haven’t already heard, Typekit is a hosted service that allows you to use different fonts on your website using a method that is accessible, standards-compliant, and legal. Before Typekit, if you … Continue reading

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Looking for a new job: why?

So, I was pretty cavalier about it when I tossed off that list of things that are outside my comfort zone. But none of those items are simple or easy (well, besides the first one!). “Look for a new job” … Continue reading

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