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Geekmom strikes again

Artist Boy has been trying to get his friends interested in Dungeons & Dragons for quite a while — years, actually — but he has never really succeeded. That is, they are happy to play, but the gaming is never … Continue reading

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Has it been this long?

Wow, has it really been half a year since I last checked in here? How time does fly. Funny how the urge to blog comes in cycles… Well the first thing I had to do was make a couple of … Continue reading

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Artist Boy, evolving

My son Artist Boy, now 14 years old, was… I don’t want to say difficult, exactly… but he was a complicated toddler. For one thing, he didn’t play with toys. (Being a new mom, I blamed the toys: Don’t these … Continue reading

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Scratch paper

Artist Boy began drawing, seriously drawing, obsessively drawing, when he was not quite four years old. If he had been a musical prodigy we would have given him lessons. If he had been a budding athlete we would have signed … Continue reading

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